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5 Reasons to Train for a Healthcare Career with a Career College

Posted Tuesday, Nov 5, 2019 by Altierus

If you’re looking for a new career path, pursuing a healthcare career could be right for you. As the baby boom generation continues to age, they need more healthcare. As demand for care rises, so does demand for healthcare workers. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that job openings for the healthcare sector at the national level will grow by 14%[i] over the 2018-2028 period, much faster than the overall job growth rate of 5%[ii].

Some popular career paths projected to show strong growth during this period include:

In addition to high job demand, healthcare careers offer job satisfaction—you can go home every day knowing you’ve played a role in improving others’ well-being.

Career schools like Altierus Career College offer high-quality, short-term training programs that can teach you the skills and knowledge you need to start pursuing a lifelong healthcare career. Here are a few of the advantages of choosing a career college to get started in healthcare.

Faster Time to Completion

Training to become a doctor takes the better part of a decade. Many other healthcare support careers also require four-year degrees. But at a career college like ours, you can train for new careers in healthcare much more quickly. We offer diploma and associate degree programs. The shortest programs take as few as eight months to complete, while our associate degrees are designed to take two years. You can be ready to enter the job market much faster when you train with a career college.

Emphasis on Hands-On Training

Career college programs focus on teaching you practical skills. At Altierus Career College, we do that by ensuring our classroom facilities feature professional equipment you’d find on the job. Our pharmacy tech students practice compounding under genuine sterile conditions with cleanroom equipment. Our nursing students practice with the latest simulation manikins to learn the basics of caring for cardiac patients, women in labor and newborns. All this prepares students for more advanced learning experiences that lead to job-ready skills and confidence.

Real-World Clinical Experience

Our career college ensures students in our healthcare programs have the opportunity to train in clinical settings, where they can observe experienced practitioners, ask questions, and then begin to practice their skills with real patients, clients, or customers. It’s all part of ensuring you understand not just the theory behind the role, but also what it’s like to actually work on the job. Even our medical billing and coding students complete practicum experience with local employers.

Embedded Certification and Licensure Preparation

We want you to shine when you enter the job market. That means providing you with exceptional training experiences within a high-quality curriculum. It also means preparing you for national or state licensure and certification while you’re completing your program with us. Licensure is required for some of the healthcare careers we offer educational programs for, such as nursing or massage therapy. For other careers, it may be optional.

Whether optional or required, we offer exam prep and practice for industry certifications because we know many employers may prefer candidates with certification—and because holding certification or licensure means you enter the job market with a stamp of approval from an external agency as well as a diploma or degree from us.

Connections to Local Employers

Finally, a career college like Altierus will be embedded in the local community. When Altierus partners with local healthcare providers in order to secure clinical sites for our students, we’re also connecting with the people who do the hiring there. When the time comes for you to complete your program, we can help you tailor your resume and cover letter not just to a specific job, but to a specific employer. We don’t succeed as a school unless you succeed!

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