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Frequently Asked Questions About Becoming an Electrical Construction Technician

Posted Thursday, Sep 30, 2021 by Altierus

There’s more than one way to work as an electrical technician. At Altierus Career College, we provide training pathways for electrical construction technicians and industrial electrical technicians—two career options that require a similar foundation of knowledge and skills, but have very different goals.

This FAQ page looks at the electrical construction technician pathway. We explain what the duties of this role are, what you can learn in our training program, what certification options are available, and more. We hope it helps you with your career decisions!

What Is an Electrical Construction Technician?

Electrician vs. electrical technician – what’s the difference?

First, we want to clarify what we mean by an electrician or an electrical technician.

Electricians install, maintain, and repair electrical system components on a project-by-project basis. They usually work in the field on a call-out basis (that is, they’re called out to a job when something goes wrong). They may also work on construction sites. To get started in their careers, electricians usually complete an apprenticeship after high school instead of a post-secondary training program. After completing a certain amount of work experience in their apprenticeship (usually about two years of full-time work), they can obtain licensure from their state.

Electrical technicians are entry-level workers who build, install and maintain electrical systems under the direction of a master electrician or electrical engineer. Electrical technicians usually have a post-secondary certificate or associate degree.

What do electrical construction technicians do?

Electrical construction technicians work on electrical system components for building projects. They may work in a factory or on-site at the building that’s being constructed. On the job, they will use a variety of hand tools, power tools, and testing equipment.

Specific duties may include:

How to Become an Electrical Construction Technician

What do you need to know to train as an electrical construction technician?

To apply to our electrical technician training programs, you need to be a high school graduate or hold a GED. You’ll also need to be at least 18 years old by the time you graduate from our program. You don’t need to have taken any special electives while you were in high school, but having an aptitude for math and science is helpful. Electrical construction technicians need to apply knowledge of electricity and perform mathematical calculations to do their work effectively.

Fine motor skills (being good with your hands) are also important for electrical technicians. In addition, electrical technicians may need to climb ladders, squeeze into tight places, and lift heavy objects as part of their work.

How long does electrical technician training take?

A year or less. Our Electrical Construction Technician diploma program, for example, takes as few as nine months to complete.

What do you learn in an electrical construction technician training program?

Our program blends hands-on skills with applied math and science, as well as professional knowledge for the trade, including Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) standards for construction workplaces and the National Electrical Codes.

Course topics for this program include:

Altierus students complete a blend of online coursework, in-person lab classes, and an externship to develop the knowledge, skills and confidence they need to pursue employment after graduation.

Do electrical technicians need a license?

Electrical construction technicians work under the supervision of licensed electricians, so they don’t need a license to get started in the field.

Why Train to Become an Electrical Construction Technician?

Is earning an electrical construction technician diploma worth it?

If you love working with your hands, solving problems, and having the satisfaction of helping build something, an electrical technician program could be exactly what you’re looking for.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), job growth in this field is also projected to be strong over the 2019–2029 period, with job openings rising by as much as 8% nationwide.[1]

How much does an electrical technician make?

The BLS doesn’t track salaries for electrical technicians. However, it reports that the median annual salary for electricians was $56,900 in May 2020. The bottom 10% of earned less than $33,810 while the top 10% of earners made more than $98,720.[2]

Salaries vary according to a worker’s level of experience, the employer and the local market. Altierus offers its electrical technician training programs in Florida and Texas. In 2020, salaries in those states were:

What Electricians Make in Florida[3]

What Electricians Make in Texas[4]

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