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Healing Hands: Three Benefits of Massage Therapy

Posted Tuesday, Jun 11, 2019 by Altierus

Considering training to become a massage therapist? It feels great to help other people feel better, and feeling great about what you do is an important part of any career. However, the age-old practice of massage is more than just a treat found at the spa. Research suggests massage may have positive impacts on symptoms of conditions ranging from sports injury to clinical depression. Read on to learn about some of the ways massage therapists can help others feel better.

Chronic Back, Neck, and Joint Pain

Numerous studies support the theory that regular massage therapy can improve back pain. One 2011 study reported in the Annals of Internal Medicine found that patients who received 10 weeks of massage therapy experienced “clinically important” improvements in pain and mobility.[i]

A 2014 study on neck pain found that patients who received multiple one-hour massages each week experienced significant improvement in pain and mobility compared to those who received no massage or only 30-minute massages.[ii]

In 2017, researchers completed a review of studies which looked at the use of complementary therapies including yoga, acupuncture, and massage therapy for arthritis pain in the knee. They found that massage therapy had short-term benefits for pain relief.[iii]

Sports Rehabilitation

They say when it comes to working out, “no pain, no gain”. However, muscle soreness can keep people from sticking to an otherwise safe and healthy exercise regimen.

Fortunately, studies indicate that massage can help relieve the pain of muscle soreness. A 2014 study reported in the Journal of Exercise Rehab found that people who received massage therapy after exercise experienced less pain from delayed-onset muscle soreness (DOMS) than a control group.[iv]

Reducing Symptoms of Depression

Massage therapy may also play a part in helping to treat mental illness. A 2014 review of studies found that massage appears to initiate changes in brain activity and hormone releases that lead to a more relaxed state.[v]

In a 2018 review of studies about the effects of complementary and alternative medicine on depression, researchers concluded that massage can be “an important additional resource in treating patients” alongside conventional psychiatric treatment.[vi]

As the ancient Greeks used to say: a sound mind lives in a sound body. It’s possible that massage therapists can help people achieve both!

Learn More About Our Massage Therapy Training Programs

Interested in helping others reduce pain, soreness, and improve their quality of life? Find out about our massage therapy training programs at Altierus Career College!


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Title: What Are the Benefits of Massage Therapy? | Altierus Career College

Metadescription: Massage therapy can help people relax. Research shows massage may have a beneficial effect on symptoms for a number of conditions from neck pain to clinical depression.

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